Tech Specs

All about deepClock technical specifications

System requirements
  • macOS 13 Ventura or later
  • 28.7MB of available disk space
  • This deepClock version available in Mac App Store only
  • For some function including change clockface except default clockface needs subscribtion
  • See regions available to download deepClock
  • Automatically open deepClock at Login
  • Show or hide deepClock icon in menu bar
  • Low Power Mode1
  • Time Shift
  • deepClock, Dust, Nine, Watercolor, Places, Golden, Galaxy, Space, Office, Legacy, Saturn, X-Ray, Stained Glass, Prism, Citizen, Moon, City, Illustration, Origami, Leaves, Chroma Blur, Shades, Coffee Shop, Sakura, Fisherman, Japan
  • Autumn2, Cobweb2, Halloween2
  • Arabic
  • Arabic Indic
  • Devanagari
  • Roman
  • Graphical
  • Combined
  • None Dial
  • Large
  • Medium
  • Small
  • Extra Small
Clock hands motion
  • Reduce
  • Smooth4
Display & Position5
  • Support external monitors
  • Top right side (default), Center right, Bottom right, Top left, Center left, Bottom left
Clock behavior
  • Clock can be behind any winodws, incuding folders and documents on the desktop
  • Clock can be on top all window, including top when in full screen
  • Clock slide out automatically when cursor move on it
  • Clock is displayed in all desktops
Slide Out speed
  • Slow
  • Fast
  • Immediately
  • Gregorian
Calendar languages
  • Automatically detect language
  • English, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Portuguese, Italian, Korean, Turkish, Dutch, Arabic, Thai, Swedish, Danish, Vietnamese, Norwegian Bokmål, Polish, Finnish, Indonesian, Hebrew, Greek, Romanian, Hungarian, Czech, Catalan, Slovak, Ukrainian, Croatian, Malay, Hindi
Calendar view
  • Long and short format
  • Uppercased
  • Three tick sounds
  • Tick sound volume
  • Seven chime sounds: Antique Bell, Bell, Bird Chirp, Glass, Bass Kick, Note, Timpani
  • Chime sound volume
  • Chime period: on the hour, daily at noon, daily at midnight, daily at noon/midnight
  • System-wide reduce motion
  • Flash the screen on chime
User interface
  • Dark and light appearances
  • Native macOS look and feel
  • Efficient design means interface looks good on small and large displays
  • English, Ukrainian
  • Built using Swift 5
  • Designed using Swift UI
  • 64-bit architecture
  • Optimized for Apple Silicon
  1. The *Low Power Mode* available on MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and MacBook.
  2. Season clockfaces. Available limited time only.
  3. Not all dials available for all clockfaces.
  4. This feature is available in deepClock Plus.
  5. deepClock Plus is required to change display and position from default.