Style your time

All-new deepClock is not just about the time, it's about your lifestyle. More clockfaces and even more inside. More beautiful backgrounds. More different dials. Pick any right for your mood.

16 clockfaces

Access to premium clockfaces with subscription

Personalize clock with backgrounds and dials

Over 160 clocks total


Pick from a variety of clockfaces, from simple and elegant designs to bold and vibrant ones, that match your unique style.

Soft color gradients and a minimalist dial are a great match.

Bright watercolors are perfect for a bright mood.

Wild or pet. What is your favorite?

Did you know that dust can be beautiful too? Just try it!

Take an incredible walk through the Saturn's rings.

Colosseum. Eiffel Tower. Statue of Liberty.
Visit incredible places without leaving your home.

Mysterious galaxies are closer than ever.

Now reach for the stars has become really possible.


Pick your favorite dial.¹



Arabic Indic



None Dial

Smooth Motion²

The new smooth movement of the seconds hand creates an incredible atmosphere on the desktop.

Low Power Mode

When your battery gets low, increase your MacBook³ performance and extend battery life by minimizing clock hands animation and disabled non-essential deepClock functions.


The completely redesigned way how you place the clock on the desktop, it's has become even more convenient. Just choose one of the six places for your convenience and comfortable interaction with everything you need.

Slide Out

Get access to files and folders on the desktop even if they under the clock⁴.

All Desktops

The clock always follows you when you move between Spaces.

On Top

Place the clock on top above all other windows and you always see what's time at glance. Even in the full screen.

More useful features

Open at Login

Just turn it on and deepClock will be automatically open every time when you Login.

Clock Hands

We bring some digital features to analog world. So now in deepClock you can hide second hand.

Sound Effects

Quiet or loud? Clock ticking⁵ counts every second.

Clock Size

Control clock size. Clockface looks perfect on small and large screens.

deepClock Plus

  • Full access to all clockfaces

  • Full access to all clock positions on the desktop

  • Full access to all second hand motions

Monthly subscription⁶


Available yearly subscription for $19.99


Version 2.0.2

Available worldwide⁷ in the App Store