How to update apps

Publication Date: December 27, 2022

All products released by Bytefor.DEV available to download and update it in the App Store.

App Store keeps track of updates for apps you purchased with your Apple ID. Read more about Apple ID on When an update is available, you receive a notification. You also see a badge on the App Store icon in the Dock and a number next to Updates in the sidebar that shows the number of updates available.

Update from the App Store

Update from the Updates pane: Click Updates in the sidebar, then click Update beside each app that you want to update, or click Update All.

Update from the Apple menu

  1. On your Mac, choose Apple menu , then see if you have any updates available. The number of updates appears to the right of App Store in the menu.
  2. To get your updates, choose App Store.
  3. After App Store opens, click Updates in the sidebar.

Update from a notification

You can download an app update without opening App Store. If you receive a notification that an app update is available, click Install. (Or click Close to dismiss the notification.)

Automatically keep apps up to date

  1. In the App Store on your Mac, choose App Store > Preferences.
  2. Select Automatic Updates.