Every single attribute matters.

PDF Attributes is a simple yet user-friendly tool designed for populating and editing attributes of PDF documents.

Keep the original title of the PDF document

Each PDF document has an author

Compile a collection of PDF documentsby a common subject

Use keywords to describe the primary idea of the PDF document

Hello [Həˈloʊ]

PDF Attributes speaks more than 30 languages.

Loved by users worldwide

    • I use PDF Attributes all the time and it excels at a simple task that I find myself constnatly doing: editing PDF metadata.

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    • I was looking for an app to change the metadata on some PDFs and some of the others were giving me trouble. This did the trick. Thank you for sharing it with us!

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    • Perfectly does what you need it to do, and no more; this developer deserves an award!

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    • Does exactly what it says it does with no fuss. I edited the fields I needed in seconds flat. My thanks to the creators for making the utility free - I imagine its simple enough that it warrants that but you see so many developers try to take advantage that its refreshing to come across this.

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    • Super simple app that let me remove/change a PDF’s title. I was pleasantly surprised, and felt compelled the give the authors’ my thumbs up. Thanks!

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    • I can’t believe I need a separate utility to edit the various attributes of a PDF file, but apparently Preview isn’t capable of editing this information. So, download this little free app and make those quick edits to correct the title, author, keywords, and more.

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PDF Attributes

Version 2.1.2

Available worldwide1 in the App Store

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